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     I won an auction and recently got an AverMedia HC82U NanoExpress TV Tuner.  It is in ExpressCard/54 format and has its own antenna, but is missing the A/V inputs cable.  It works with Windows 8 & Media Center and I can pick up most of the near digital stations except CBS for whatever reason.  It turns out that this is the Dell OEM version, so I'm not sure if it is supposed to be able to operate in Analog as well like it's more general cousin.  So far I can only get the digital part operational.  No analog FM radio or TV at all.  I hope I can at least track down the A/V cable.
    At least I can watch & record TV on my Acer Aspire now.  It requires about 5+ Gb to record one hour, so unless I get a bigger drive I will be limited in how much I can use it like a DVR.  The other downside is that it gets pretty warm when in use, but I haven't seen it affect the rest of the system as yet.

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